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Live Wedding Painting is a unique one of a kind experience for your special event...
Capture your day as-it-happens with an original painting created during your ceremony or reception.
An enriching and entertaining experience for your Guests.
Your Family and Friends love seeing the process and will make special connections as they see themselves evolve in the painting.  

How much does it cost to have a live painter at your wedding?

My rates run between 1450 - 2250 depending on what package you prefer. 

  • Weddings

  • Gala's

  • Corporate events

  • Birthday Parties 

  • Bat Mitzvah events 

  • Family Reunions + more!

We are Based out of Minnesota, USA and travel worldwide to your destination.  You buy we fly! 

Prices vary between artists. 

My local rate for the Alexandria MN surrounding areas (50 mile radius) is $1450 no travel fees

My home country is Australia so i may be able to keep rates down for weddings in the cities of Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide and Port Macquarie regions of Australia. 

​How it works and what you get....

  •  You can choose between any three of the following settings to paint:

    • Your ceremony

    • Social Hour

    • Reception (this choice can include your first dance - Instead of seating you at the head table, I add the dance floor and paint your first dance and make it become the focal point of the painting.

    • OR BOTH your Ceremony & Reception/First Dance! I will work with smaller canvases and capture both settings throughout the day/evening.

  • I typically arrive  2-3 hours before your ceremony or reception starts and begin sketching/painting the background/architecture/landscape of your setting. As your guests start arriving,  I begin painting each one as they are seated or mingle with cocktails etc. I stay with your wedding until after the first few dances and sometimes longer! 

  • If you choose to have your ceremony painted, I will continue to paint all the way through your reception - even if your reception is at a different venue. I will move with you to complete painting by the end of the night.

  • Guests enjoy hanging out and watching the process as they find themselves appear in the painting!

  • Each canvas is Quality heavy weight cotton canvas stretched/wrapped over a solid 1 & 3/8" stretcher frame

  • I use High quality Gamblin Oil Paints and or Acrylic Paints that will hold the color and pigment for more than a lifetime. 

  • I will take the painting back to my studio to dry or you may make a request to keep the painting at the end of the event - Just let me know if you want to keep the painting at the end of the night  to make arrangements for this option - The painting will be wet and will need appropriate packaging. (If your wedding is out of state, You will need to make arrangements to have a friend or family member bring your painting home.)

  • For all Minnesota based events, Your painting will be shipped to you around 2-4 months (oil Paintings) after your wedding date - Dry time depends on texture and thickness of oil painting . Your painting will be varnished and ready to hang.

  • Framing options are available and additional cost

  • Once the Painting is dry, (could take a couple of months as it is Oil Paint) Shipping/handling is additional - approx $60 - $150  International shipping based on a quote. An invoice will be sent to you for shipping cost once arrangements are made

  • Options such as note cards or prints, can easily be added to your bundle.

  • The canvas size is approx

    • 20" x 30" - 24" x 36"  (smaller sizes may be requested however price stays the same) ​

    • For more than one painting on site, the canvases are around 16" x 20" 

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