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2021 is here.....a few thoughts

We have said goodbye to 2020 and we don't need to go back anytime soon..or should we? Most of us want it gone and out of site but I believe it is important to look back and reflect on what we have experienced and more importantly, what we have learned.

Did we adapt? Did we accept? I am not sure i did.....until I ask myself, what is normal anyway? Is there a normal? I don't know.

What i do know is looking back, we all were in 2020 together. We were all not ok. We all suffered to some degree. We all had disappointments, losses, and sadness. In the wedding industry throughout 2020 and into this year, I witnessed many couples come to a breaking point. Some chose to push through it and accept a smaller gathering and others postponed to a date far away from the crazy 2020 mess. which ever they decided, they still faced the same emotions.

I take my hat off to any couple who tried, planned, and who are still planning their wedding in this pandemic. The strength and resilience i have seen is so inspiring. In a nutshell...We all learned to be OK not to be OK. We still are in the midst of the Pandemic as 2021 is rolling in so lets all say hello and welcome and plan to face it with the strength & courage we have gained from 2020.

To all my 2021 couples.... you've got this! May your love empower you throughout all your plans and preparation for your wedding day.


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