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Live Wedding & Event Painting
   Detailed, Thoughtful, Dreamy & Impressionistic 

The Pfister Hotel - Milwaukee WI - Haley

As a veteran in the industry with over 14 years experience of live wedding painting, Leanne Larson introduced to the nation,

an entirely new feature of entertainment for wedding celebrations.

Leanne's artful painting style endures uniquely in the rapidly growing live-painting scene which has become exceptionally

popular since the beginning of her endeavor.


With a muted color palette, controlled loose and purposeful brush strokes, Leanne captures the magical vibe of each event.

Guests absolutely love finding themselves in each original painting and are captivated as they interact

with Leanne throughout the process. 

Leanne's live paintings capture each celebration and every meaningful detail in a professional fine art style that all happens

all on the same day. 

Collectors cherish how each day when they view their painting, they become transported right back to the love and magic of their day. 

Your day is a Masterpiece - It deserves to be an original painting. 


We are so incredibly lucky to have worked with Leanne at Paint My Wedding Day for our wedding. Leanne's attention to detail, ability to capture the true beauty of our wedding ceremony in her art, and her interactive approach made our special day even more extraordinary.

Leanne's attention to detail was truly remarkable. From the delicate brushstrokes to the intricate nuances, her artwork reflected a level of artistry that surpassed our expectations. She expertly captured the essence of our wedding ceremony, beautifully preserving the magical moments and emotions in her paintings. She was able to create a timeless piece of art that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

One of the things that stood out most about Leanne was her genuine interest in understanding our unique vision for the artwork. She took the time to ask us about personalized touches and elements that were significant to us as a couple. She even incorporated our beloved dogs into the painting, capturing their playful spirit and adding an extra layer of personalization to the artwork. Leanne's thoughtful approach and dedication to making the painting truly reflective of our love story were incredibly touching.

Leanne's interactive style of painting was a highlight of our wedding day for many of our guests. She seamlessly interacted with our guests, engaging them in the artistic process and creating an inclusive and interactive experience by painting with guests. Our friends and family were thrilled to watch as the painting came to life. This interactive element added an extra level of excitement and created a unique and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Leanne's professionalism, warmth, and genuine passion for her craft were evident in every interaction we had with her. From our initial consultation to the final unveiling of the artwork, she was a pleasure to work with. Her ability to listen to our vision, offer valuable suggestions, and translate our dreams into a breathtaking piece of art was truly exceptional.

If you're searching for a wedding painter who will capture the true beauty of your special day, incorporate personalized touches, and create an interactive and inclusive experience, Leanne from Paint My Wedding Day is the perfect choice. We are incredibly grateful for the role she played in preserving the memories of our wedding ceremony, and we wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a unique and extraordinary artistic experience.

-Sam & Jenna - Machine Shop -  Minneapolis, MN 

My wife and I are over the moon about the experience we had with Leanne and the painting we received. Leanne was amazing about getting to know us and what we wanted in preparation for the wedding. On the day of she worked well with our coordination team and put on such a great display of painting during the reception - it was a major talking point with folks! Leanne also had a great selection of add-ons - we purchased thank you cards with our painting on them, and they've been a huge hit. The painting itself is so beautiful, including touches of the town, our friends and family, and the moments we asked to be captured. We really can't recommend Leanne enough! -

Austin & Libby - JX Venue - Stillwater, MN


I am Leanne and I want to take a moment to thank you for stopping by my page. 

I would love to connect with you to hear your story and learn more about your day. 

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