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Your celebration is with all your favorite people ...........It truly deserves to be an original painting! 



What should I expect on my day?

I arrive at your venue at least 1.5 - 2 hours before it begins to set up my easel canvas and paints and drop cloth if needed. 

I then begin sketching the basic elements of the scenery/room in preparation for painting to be ready to start painting the guests in as they arrive.

 As your day progresses,I continue to paint, capturing your guests, decor, details, colors and emotions throughout your special evening. 


Can you paint both the Ceremony and the Reception? 

Typically I paint your choice of the Ceremony, Social hour or reception/first dance. 

You can choose between any three of the following settings to paint:

  • Your ceremony (once your ceremony is finished, I will move to your reception setting to re-set up and continue painting throughout your reception. 

  • Cocktail Hour - and moving into the reception to continue painting. 

  • Reception/first dance setting 

  • You may choose to have just your first look or first dance painted - This is my custom Intimate/Portrait collection where I paint just the couple on the dance floor filling up ⅔ of the canvas and add the background setting with the main focus and additional detail on the attire/hair etc of the couple.


Can my guests interact with you as you paint?

Yes for sure! I encourage your guests to come over and find themselves in the painting - if they are not yet painted I will paint them on the spot! I truly love sharing my creative space.  I'm just as much an entertainer as she is a painter! 

Will the painting be finished by the end of the night? 

I will take the painting back to my studio to dry or you may make a request to keep the painting at the end of the event - Just let know if you want to keep the painting at the end of the night  to make arrangements for this option - The painting will be wet and will need appropriate packaging. (If your wedding is out of state, You will need to make arrangements to have a friend or family member bring your painting home.) I simply cannot fly back home with a wet oil painting! However, I can use Acrylic painting so it will dry and then I can fly home with the painting. 



Why have an artist painting live at my wedding?

  • Having an artist paint during your special occasion creates an enriching and entertaining experience for guests

  • Makes each guest feel much more connected as part of your celebration

  • You can have the original painting turned into prints or thank you cards and more!

  • An original painting created during your wedding or event will be cherished forever - even becoming a family heirloom 

  • Live Event Painting adds an extra touch of class and makes any event special and unique

How much does a Live Painter cost? 

The typical cost of live painting services throughout the United States are currently averaging anywhere between $2500 - $15,000

At Paint My Wedding Day, our pricing is varies depending on a handful of factors including the canvas size/quantity, travel distance and particular collection chosen. We currently have three Artists on our team with varying locations and styles to fit your budget. 

I would love to hear from you to learn more about your day and provide you with my pricing guide - Leanne 

Do Your Travel? 

Yes! I love to travel and you should bring me along with you to capture your special moments on canvas!

I have painted live at weddings all over the US, Virgin Islands, & Australia!  I have even painted Live on a Sail Boat!  I captured the beautiful sunset and entire wedding party as they celebrated over a romantic dinner and pineapple cocktails. You can follow my travels via my instagram page @paintmyweddingday

How long have you been painting live weddings? 

Since Summer of 2011

What if my wedding is already passed? Can you create a painting from one of my photos? 

Yes! I set aside time in my week to create new paintings from submitted photographs! 

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